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Ep. 8 The Bridgewater Triangle

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Monsters, ghosts, and cults galore! The hidden sleepy corner of Massachusetts has secrets to hide and cryptids to keep. It's know as the States's very own bermuda triangle. Just much less tropical and much more infested.  Come and listen to Kenzie tell some spooky happenings!

Bridgewater Triangle

I found our next vacation destination. I’ll give you a’s in Massachusetts.

It’s the Bridgewater Triangle in South Eastern Massachusetts. This place is bumpin with paranormal activity. It’s like a nightclub for ghosts and cryptids. It’s like the bermuda triangle but colder.

There are a number of towns within the triangle, the most notable being, you guessed it, Bridgewater. There has been everything from UFO sightings to poltergeists to Big Foot sightings

The history goes back to colonial times, where surprise surprise white people were trying to colonize the native americans. But this one dude, Chief Metacom of the Wampanoag tribe, aka King Philip led his people in a war to drive the english colonists out of New England. Spoiler didn’t work.

Two years before the war ended, Chief Metacom was shot to death in a swamp. Lying in the mud, bleeding to death, knowing he has just moments left, he does what any sensible person would do. He curses the land. And it’s this curse that is blamed for the hotbed of paranormal activity in the area.

Supposedly some people have debunked the whole curse thing, but I don’t know, it seems pretty legit to me. I mean, if I was murdered by invaders on my own land, I would definitely throw out a curse too. No doubt about it.

So, this swamp where Chief Metacom died, The Hockomock Swamp as it’s known, is the hub of much of the strange activity. Back in the day, the natives revered this swamp, naming in Hockomock meaning the “place where spirits dwell”. I don’t know if the spirits were there originally, or if spirits got wind of the name and were like “well this sounds like a nice vacation spot”.

The Wampanoag tribe also used the swamp as a sacred burial ground. The swamp is sometimes referred to as Hobomock after the chief deity of death and disease, whom they worshiped and feared, rightfully so. Supposedly this deity is “composed of human souls of the dead”, and was known to congregate in areas like the swamp.

When archaeologists excavated the 8000 YEAR OLD burial ground, the red ochre in the tombs bubbled and then disappeared. Even more odd, photos of the site wouldn’t develop. Uh DUH! Never mess with indian burial sites! Haven’t they seen poltergeist?

Or gee, I don’t know, any horror movie ever?!

But spirits aren’t the only visitors. There have also been reports of UFO sightings dating back all the way to 1760. Supposedly, on an ordinary morning in 1760, people began hearing an unidentifiable noise echoing in the sky, and then a strange glowing shape was seen above, bright enough to cast a shadow in broad daylight. That was the first UFO sighting in Bridgewater Triangle, but there have been many since.

One such occurrence happened on July 3 1972, where people looked up into the night sky and saw a large traiangular object that resembled a baseball diamond. Many spectators claimed it was translucent, and the local naval base received many calls about the object. It was supposedly visible for half an hour and at least 26 people confirmed seeing it. But to this day there has been no answer as to what it was.

In more recent times there have been reports of spheres of fire in the night sky, bright enough to light up entire towns. These were witnessed by multiple people as recently as 2011.

But that’s not the only unusual thing in the skies. In Hockomock swamp there have been sightings of the legendary thunderbird. The thunderbird is a native american legend, kind of like a pterdactyl/condor. In 1971, Police Sergeant Thomas Downy was driving near Bird Hill when he claimed to have seen a creature with a wingspan nearly double it’s size. But I feel like if you’re in a place called Bird Hill you should expect to see some weird birds right?

There are also some spooky rocks. That’s right, even the rocks are haunted. Dighton rock, near the burial ground has mysterious inscriptions of unknown origins. These carvings have been attributed to various groups inculding native americans, vikings, and even phoenicins, but none have ever been proven.

There is another rock called profile rock whit have a portrait of a Native American face looking out from the stone. This rock was considered sacred by the Wampanoag people. Local legend claims that Native American ghost dancers in warrior dress dance So basically, it was profile pic before that was a thing.

Bridgetown triangle is also home to one of our favorite things, a cult. But it’s not a happy go lucky cult like our boy Rael set up, it’s a violent cult. Beginning in the 90’s the police found mutilated cats, cows, and other animals in nearby forests that were killed in ritualistic manners. Obviously, people think it was satanists, but the perpetrators were never caught so we don’t really know. Even now, hikers have come across what appear to be satanic ritual sites, and some have even claimed to see satanic activity. What I want to know is why can’t there be a ritual that kills something like mosquitos or cockroaches instead of sweet babies like cats and cows?!

Within Bridgwater Triangle is a haunted forest, it’s called the Freetown State Forest. It makes me think of that meme where they’re like “now your ashes can be turned into a tree when you die” and then it shows Archer saying “do you want haunted forests? Cause that’s how you get haunted forests?”

So anyway, I don’t know if there are any people trees in this forest but there was a case of a local pimp who killed several prostitutes in the 70’s and 80’s. And supposedly this pimp, by the name of Carl Drew, which can I just say is the least pimp like name ever, is also the leader of a satanic cult and that the killings had been part of a human sacrifice. So we’re back to the cult. It always comes back to the cult.

More recently, in 2015, the bodies of two women were found in the woods near the border of towns Brockton and Abington. Many of their body parts were severed including a foot, a calf, and part of an arm. Their bodies were placed on top of one another, and is thought to be part of some sort of ritual. The case has never been solved, but some believe it to be the cult and others believe it to be the work of a serial killer.

Also, over the years mutiple children have gone missing from the area, a few never to be found. One story with a happier ending has a boy who was playing with his sister when suddenly witnesses nearby heard a scream. By the time they got there he was gone. Hundreds of police and volunteers sreached for him but were unsuccessful.

And then the next day the boy just walks out the woods holding a bundle a mugs and twigs and asked a rescuer if he wanted to buy some flowers. He was perfectly fine, but he had no memory of the whole day he had been gone. The only thing he remembered was that he had felt compelled to go pick flowers because he thought it would make him rich. This was in 1934, and they never found out where he went or how he made it in a swamp overnight unharmed.

This is one of my favorite stories from the area. It’s the spookiest creature of all and fits in perfectly with a previous episode. A creepy redhead hitchhiker who roams the highways. Legend says a couple was driving down the highway in October 1984 when their car broke down. As the man walked up the road to find a payphone he saw stranger, a redheaded stranger. Dun dun dun. He asked the man for help, but the man remained silent. He asked again, but this time he noticed that the strangers face was contorted and ghostly. Scared shitless, he ran back to the car to tell his wife, who he found waiting outside of the car terrified. When he asked what was wrong she said that she’d turned on the radio and heard deranged laughter and a creepy voice calling her by name.

Sounds like something straight out of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

There’s also the story of the mad trucker of Copicut Road. In Fall River, legend has it that there is a ghostly truck that drives down the road at night terrorizes drivers, particularly tourists. Witnesses have seen headlights speeding toward them, heard the trucks horn blast, and have seen the driver. But once they get out of their cars to get a better look, he disappears. Talk about road rage.

Last but not least, BIGFOOT. Locals including businessmen, writers, and even law enforcement have all said they’ve spotted a strange creature near the woods that resembled a half man, half ape. The most notable of Big Foot sightings was in 1970 when two police officers were sitting in their when it suddenly began to lift off the ground, as thought someone was lifting it from the rear. One of the officers shone a spotlight on the being and claimed it looked like a massive bear man. It ran into the woods, but that wasn’t the last of the sightings. To this day, people have reported seeing Bigfoot is the bridgewater triangle area.

So what do you think? Next vacation spot?

Profile Rock

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