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Ep. 6 Gingers are now Paranormal

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Beautiful and rare, the elusive ginger has a long history of societal discrimination. But did you know that they are also Vampires, Werewolves, Aliens, and/or Atlanteans?! I sure as shit didn't. Learn the weird and wild history of the red haired people around the world.


In other words, redheads and the crazy myths surrounding them. Now, you know that I love redheads, so I am not here to make fun of any of our ginger brethren at all. In fact, I myself am often a redhead, though I wasn’t blessed with the natural ginger mane. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve yelled at my parents for passing down the fair skin, freckles, blue eyes, and buttload of irish ancestry but not granting me with red hair. HOWEVER, there are some seriously cuckoo pants myths out there about redheads, so maybe that’s a good thing.

Have you ever heard any myths about redheads? Which ones?

First, some facts about red hair, then we’ll get into the ridiculousness

Red hair is a rare recessive gene passed down through generations

It is most common in the British Isles.

1% of the worlds population has red hair, and 10% of them are in the british isles.

The gene that accounts for red hair is also the reason why redheads are pale and unable to tan, and more susceptible to skin cancer

A 2007 report in The Courier-Mall said that red hair is likely to die out in the near future. And since you can believe anything you read on the internet, people took it as fact.

However, it was discovered that the study that discovered the so called inevitable extinction was funding by Proctor & Gamble, a hair dye maker. So maybe not the most objective results?

Redheads apparently have a higher pain tolerance, and require more anesthesia. Especially redheaded women. This is due to a mutation in a hormone receptor

Ok, so time for some myths

We all know that redheads supposedly have hot tempers. Supposedly, their temper is as fiery as their hair. Personally, I don’t think hair color has anything to do with temperament. I couldn’t find anything

Many think that the whole bad temper thing is learned, not genetic. Either from being bullied for being different, or just hearing the stereotype so much it becomes a sort of excuse

Another belief is that redheads are “highly sexed”, especially women. In the 19th century scientist Cesare Lombroso and Guglielmo Ferrero concluded that red hair was “associated with crimes of lust” and claimed that 48% of “criminal women” were redheads

In medieval times, red hair was seen as a “mark of beastly sexual desire and moral degeneration.” And red hair paired with green eyes were thought to be the mark of a witch, a werewolf, or a vampire.

Birthmarks, freckles, and moles were also seen as signs of witches, which are more common in redheads.

It’s approximated that 45,000 women were tortured and murdered because of this


Another answer for redheads? Aliens. DUH

Some conspiracies believe that redheads are the results alien-human relations. They used the existence of many red-haired royals and a supposed alien race known as Lyrans which are said to have red hair, fair skin, and light colored eyes to back up their assertion

However, this theory, in relation to the kings and queens, was discredited. It was just good old fashioned incest! Personally, I’d rather bang an alien than a family member


One author, Montague Summers, in a translation of the Malleus Maleficarum wrote “those whose hair is red, of a certain peculiar shade, are unmistakably vampires.”

And if that’s not enough to convince you, just look to Greek mythology where it is believed that red-haired people turn into vampires after they die.

This is supported by the fact that they are sensitive to sun. Ergo – vampire. No other explanation.


Another theory about where redheads come from is Atlantis. Because why not?

Red-haired mummies have mysteriously been found in many parts of the world including Egypt and Peru, where red hair is extremely rare.

The answer to this conundrum is that people from Atlantis must have traveled the globe and passed on their traditions and their beautiful hair

There is also a legend about Prince Idon of Mu who was supposedly the first redhead. It is said that his hair turned red after seeing a sunset in Atlantis.


This might be my favorite one

Redheads were conceived during menstruation! Duh! It’s only logical

And since this was “unclean sex” it would only make sense that they would grow to be “highly sexed” people as stated earlier


In Ancient Egypt, it’s believed that red haired men were burned alive as sacrifices for the god Osiris.

Their ashes were scattered across the fields to fertilize their fields and increase their harvest.

Some think that the ancient egyptians believed the ashes would produce red or gold corn


And then of course there’s the classic – redheads have no souls.

Either born soulless or sold it to the devil to “spread sin and serve the dark lord”

And in fact, can steal other peoples souls through eye contact.

We can actually blame South Park for the popularity of this one.


Finally, a good one! Redheads are thought to bring good luck.

If you rub the head of a redhead you will get good luck

In Poland, if you spot 3 redheads at the same time you will win the lottery

In Corsica, you will receive good luck if you spit and turn around after passing a redheaded

In Ancient Rome, redheaded slaves were more expensive because they were believed to bring their owner good luck

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